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Should I use stock photos or have a professional Long Island photographer shoot photos for my new website?

  When searching for a Long Island website design company to develop your website, work closely with your web designer when selecting the photos that will represent your corporate identity. Photography is the key ingredient to achieving a visually pleasant and professional looking website for your company.

Purchasing stock photography is a great option when hiring a Long Island Photographer
if it is not within your budget or it's not possible to accomplish the photos you desire for your website. There are different types of stock photography, rights-managed and royalty-free. There is a significant difference in cost between the two, which makes royalty-free the most used in the website design industry.

What differentiates both types of stock photography is rights-managed stock photography. The designer or agency is paying an extra fee to have the photographer or agency "manage" who has the "rights" to the photograph. This much more expensive stock photo option assures you that your competitors or any other companies won't be using the same photo(s) on any of their marketing campaigns. I strongly recommend rights-managed photos for all Long Island companies who can fit it within their budget for their website and or print advertising. Each rights-managed photograph can cost hundreds of dollars, however the peace of mind of knowing you are the only company using those images makes it worthwhile.

Whereas royalty-free stock photos are inexpensive for low resolution web quality as well as high resolution for use on print materials. Web designers spend countless hours scouring through an endless supply of royalty-free photos to select for your Long Island business website.

The problem with affordable stock photography is that the best images are over saturated throughout all websites across the internet. Since almost every business today has a website this definitely increases the possibility of you and your competitor inadvertently using the same photo or model within the photo.

Using royalty-free images is great for lesser important photos used within your website, but rights-managed and photos that are professionally taken for you should be the images that are the face of your website and other marketing material you will use to brand your Long Island business.

When investing in a new website design or redesign its best to hire a full service Long Island website design company that also provides professional photography. The reason for this is that the website designer has the vision and shoots the photography that will compliment the entire design layout and the branding of your company materials.

Wet Ribet Inc. is a Long Island based full service design company since 1999. Specializing in custom tailored websites, all forms of graphic design and professional photography. Using only the finest photography equipment and 15 years of photo manipulation experience you can ensure that you'll have the best product photography, virtual tours and employee portraits for your website and print materials.

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